Work Fort Smith has a vested interest in our workforce. Our mission is to connect people with regional work opportunities that pay a living wage and to act as a catalyst for cultivating meaning through that work. For many, our career is the thread that weaves through our entire life, it is responsible for taking us on some of our life’s greatest adventures. Our careers should be embedded with meaning; bringing us fulfilling relationships, continual opportunities for personal and professional development, while providing financial security and unique insights and perspectives.

However, more often than not, they tend to discreetly morph into little more than a repository for mundane, soul-draining work. We believe everyone would benefit from becoming more intentional about their career. Meaningful, fulfilling careers don’t just fall out of the sky through a random act of good fortune; they are meticulously planned and strategically pursued. Unfortunately, few of us were taught the importance of or even how to think critically regarding our careers. Work Fort Smith is creating training programs to correct that oversight.

When a person is unable to derive satisfaction or value from their work it creates a tangible butterfly effect. The person, their friends and family, are at an increased risk of engaging in unhealthy lifestyles or self-destructive tendencies. Their employers suffer from an increase in lost-time wages, lower levels of productivity, higher levels of turnover; the estimated costs of unhappy workers in the U.S. is a massive $550 billion dollars a year.

In the Fort Smith region we are painfully aware of the external manifestations such situations can cause, being victims of the opioid epidemic and the disastrous foster care crisis. Work Fort Smith is investing in efforts to combat the root causes of those ills. Meaninglessness is the epidemic, the actions and consequences they manifest themselves in are merely the symptoms. Work Fort Smith is focused on connecting our workforce to invaluable career training and resources that will enable our workforce to plan for and discover meaningful work.

“Our future job market will develop in concert with the advances of technology and automation.
The ability to navigate that changing landscape of work opportunities will be an indispensable skill.”

Work Fort Smith’s vocation is to equip our regional workforce with the tools and resources they can use to become more invested in their work by helping them learn how to draw from that work the strength and clarity of mind needed to pursue a more meaningful life. We will accomplish this through a myriad of strategies, including:

  • Policy Advocacy and Think Tank for Future of Work
  • Studying Regional, State and National Workforce Trends
  • Quarterly Discussions with Key Decision Makers
  • Fostering Career Mobility to Combat the Growing Skills Gap
  • Providing Access to Career Resources for Our Region’s Workforce
  • Collecting Data and Input from our Region’s Employers
  • Job Connection and Career Placements in Work that Pays a Living Wage
  • Creating Innovative Career Training Programs for Our Region
  • Collaborative Conversations with Change Agents, Trendsetters

$10.40. The hourly rate a full-time worker must receive to earn a living wage in the Fort Smith region.
Work Fort Smith’s policy is that all work posted through our networks must pay, at a minimum, our living wage of $10.40 per hour.

42 Days is the average time it takes an employer to fill a job vacancy.
Partner with Work Fort Smith and reduce your days-to-hire.

89 Percent of your future hires currently living within your region.
Partner with Work Fort Smith to maximize your regional recruiting strategies.

$4129. The average cost an employer spends to make one new hire. For less than the cost of hiring one new employee you can purchase an annual subscription with Work Fort Smith that will maximize your recruiting strategies, reduce your days-to-hire, and grant access to multiple resources.